Hipp Future
Hipp Future Pty Ltd has an aim to establish strong positions in market niches of large categories. The two founders of the business are Paul Tredinnick and Jason Kent.

Paul & Jason have over 40 years experience in marketing & sales within Australia & New Zealand, across a multitude of categories & routes to market. While there careers were originally with large multi-nationals in senior marketing & sales roles, the last few years have involved developing market niches and then contract manufacturing or importing the products to meet the market need. This has included business ventures as diverse as bottled water, importing irn-bru ( the No.1 non-cola soft drink in the UK), household care, mobile phone accessories, online & importing specialist gourmet food business, online education directory service, school canteen drinks etc.

Their success in every venture is based on :
  • picking the right product ( highly differentiated & relevant )
  • speed to market
  • a strong & highly leveraged network of contacts,
  • the very best people
  • strong working capital funding arrangements.
Hipp Future Pty Ltd offer companies or individuals with a break-through idea & product more than a sales brokerage or channel focussed distributor. With Paul & Jason you get more that 40 years of marketing experience to enure your company build a strong & enduring brand, and you get a highly focussed "sales management team" driving distribution through multiple channels to get the best possible sales results.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss your business opportunity.